About Us

Open Communication, Solid culture, Clear Direction And Measurable Execution Fractionality Office

The New Breed Consulting, Gladiator, Business Development, Revenue and Venture Advisory Firm With Hunter Instincts, Entrepreneurial Spirit That Thrives In The High-Pressure, Dynamically Changing Startup And Technology Environment.

We help you accelerate growth through a multitude of programs including sales-as-a-service, marketing-as-a-service, and business development-as-a-service.

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Chief Visionary?
Chief Cheerleader?
Chief Salesman?
Chief Funding Officer?
Chief Communications Officer?
Chief Team Builder?
Chief Light Bulb Changer?
Chief Coffee Maker?

Fractionality has an innovative approach to provide companies with just the right executive power needed.

Advisors, consultants, 3rd party contributors that don’t think or act as part of your venture can be problematic. This is where Fractionality comes in.

Improving Business Development, Positioning, Sales Transformation, Revenue and Market Strategies, corporate matchmaking, VC and Angel relations, recruitment and training.

How we’re different

Fractionality resolves that need of companies for seasoned executives who become part of the senior team without the high costs.

Consultants are – well – consultants. They never understand themselves as part of your company and deliver advice based on cookie cutter analysis. Fractionality joins your team, think and act as team members and bring a wealth of expertise that your company needs without the high cost.

Depending on your needs, we become a part of the team and act in the sole interest of your company. The duration of the engagement will vary and depend on your specific requirements.

Our team will always have “skin in the game” and act as part of your company to get you to the next stage.

Been there done that

The team here at Fractionality have worked inside a wide range of technology and media companies. We know the day-to-day business inside out and outside in. This is our unfair advantage over consultants who have never been part of a company orginization.

Contact us today for an initial conversation and we will be ready to jump in and contribute immediately.