90% of early stage of startup company founders come from a tech or product background not sales and not marketing. You need growth while most of the leadership team is juggling multiple priorities, You need revenue to justify your funding and your VP of sales and marketing has one foot out the door because of a bad fit. This is where Fractionality comes in. We don't give advice and leave, we implement and execute with skin in the game.

  • Develop and refine sales and marketing plans, strategies and methodologies
  • Implement or revise team reporting
  • Establish and develop compensation plans
  • Develop and manage revenue targets and quota's based on company goals
  • Develop and update performance standards
  • Develop and update territories
  • Conduct personnel evaluations
  • Hire new sales and marketing staff
  • Reassign underperformers
  • Gather market feedback from prospects and filter and prioritize to inform product strategy
  • Develop and implement special incentives
  • Manage the sales and marketing budgets
  • Develop events and show strategies
  • Tune your pitch and message to sub-segments and decision-makers within your target market
  • Develop and evaluate marketing technology stack
  • Communicate performance issues to founders
  • Evaluate and review sales, marketing, pipeline and forecast
  • Fine tune sales funnel reporting, sales cadence, and sales process. Develop targets and measure KPIs
  • Lead sales and marketing meetings
  • Coach sales and marketing team members on an individual basis
  • Provide leadership advice on sales opportunities